Over half of the Fortune 500 companies are still actively using the platform for their business. If the system is robust enough to support them then there’s no reason it won’t be able to support yours. They have chosen this platform and it is still one of the most robust, reliable and secure system on the planet

It will feel like finding resource is getting harder and no new talent is coming through but there are a number of companies out there that are still working within the industry providing specialist support like ourselves

A lot pf people think the platform is only support RPG & Cobol. This isn’t the case in addition to those languages’ programs can be written in Java, PHP, C, C++, Python, Perl, REXX, Pascal, Smalltalk, SQL, Basic, Fortran, Ruby, Javascript and PL/1.  

You can run a number of platforms on it – Linux, AIX and Windows environments can all be running on it at the same time too.   

Also, these other technologies can be run on the platform – a native HTTP server, Apache, Tomcat and others, meaning it’s a server for web pages and web development.  CSS, HTML and Javascript can be used for web pages too.  

Why spend money to move away from something to do the same job, spend that budget on increasing your market share.